3 things I can’t do without

  1. Harry Potter.
    I honestly just love Harry Potter. I have a hunger for adventure and things out of the ordinary and Harry Potter symbolizes a lot of that for me.
    I am a die hard fan often getting into intense debates with others about Harry Potter related things, mt friends know me to be slightly obsessive.
    Favorite book: Chamber of Secrets.
    Least favorite movie: Goblet of Fire.
    I am a: Ravenclaw.
    Patronus: a cat.
    Favorite place on the Hogwarts grounds: the Black Lake (so mysterious!)
  2. Music.
    Particularly on 8tracks. There’s something about being able to describe to your computer your current mood and feelings and a playlist made by a complete stranger will pop up. Music can definitely explain myself better than I can and sometimes you need an outsider to do it for you.
    Here are some of my ultimate playlist choices:http://8tracks.com/michelletao/to-clear-your-mind


  3. My cats. Some may argue that their pets are the most beautiful in the world, but I assure you, they are not. My cats names are as follows: Vladimir, Midnight, Stannis Baratheon and Sir George the Gorgeous.Stannis is my baby and is named after the Game of Thrones character with the same name. Not because I like the guy, but because he has an exceptionally good name. This kitty is affectionately called Big Stan, which was especially cute when he was a tiny little kitten.
    Big Stan is the master of hunting as well as the people of Westeros. He reguarly catches and kills rats, birds and all kinds of things. After he has cleaned the blood off her face, he comes and cuddles up to you like he is the teddy bear that you never had. He is so strange.
    The cutest thing that he does is that he will sometimes get lonely and will meow until someone responds or comes to find him. I, obviously, respond and meow back at him. Then a conversation ensues whereby he uses echo location from the back and forth meowing to find me. This often happens early in the morning and wakes the entire family as this lost little cat finds his way to my cuddles.

    The Lord Stannis himself. I get regular photos sent to me from home. It’s really difficult being at varsity and away from my furry babies.

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